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SQUISHWORKS provides factory level suspension services for current model Fox and RockShox products - additional brands on a case by case basis as we continue to grow!

Most manufacturers recommend servicing your forks, shocks and dropper posts every 50 and/or 125/200 hours of riding use.  Sometime more often depending on terrain, individual and environmental conditions.

You can bring your bike or suspension parts to us (located inside Downtown Bike in Cashmere) or mail your fork/shock/dropper to us.

50 Hour Service
Fork Leg Lowers

Rear Shock Air Can



125/200 Hour Service
In addition to 50 hour services

Fork Damper and Spring

Rear Shock Damper and
Air Can



Contact Squishworks (located inside Downtown Bike in Cashmere) at 509-888-3889 or email at to make a service request. 

Provide the serial number or tune code of your item to verify if service kits are available for your item.

We will provide you a service delivery date (the day we need your items in our shop to work on). 

Pay the parts deposit - this secures your service kit/s and service date.

Ensure your items for service are at Squishworks either on or before your service date and we will strive to have your item complete within 3 business days.

If you choose to ship your item to us, there will be an additional shipping fee for return shipping (unless you arrange to pick it up in person).  Prices shown above are an average range, your unique item may cost more or less depending on the cost of service kits.

It is not uncommon that items that are 5-7 years old or older, may no longer be supported by the manufacturer and service kits may no longer be available.  If service kits are available from the manufacturer or approved distributors we will service your item.

In person SAG adjustments are free!

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