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Since 1998 we have done countless bike fitting sessions for individuals, teams and competitive athletes and fit is the foundation of our business.

We believe that using modern technology and old school techniques we can address concerns, provide recommendations and make adjustments to aid in how your body interacts with your bike.

If you have additional physical needs regarding your fit, we have a licensed Physical Therapist who is knowledgable about the human body and cycling who can be included as part of your fit session to evaluate and address those needs.

So if you are trying to combat pain while riding, increase power, improve efficiency or just want to make sure you get the best experience on your bike, call us to schedule your bike fit session.

"I race triathlons at a national level...(Aaron) came in to spend time with me fitting my bike properly to my body bringing incredible knowledge of bikes, the human body and a lot bike experience to the table... so I am sitting more aerodynamic, and most importantly safer on my bike and am having much better race results" -R.A.


"I took my road bike in to get a bike fitting for an upcoming race and Aaron spent nearly 2 hours analyzing my ride and making adjustment o my bike. He took time to ask important questions, as well as answer my questions that increased my knowledge and will ultimately improve my ride." -HCB


"Aaron spent so much time with me ensuring I was going to get the right bike for me, he then spent so much time with me making sure that I was getting the correct size bike and fitting it for me." - CC 

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